We provide services for the construction of log building

Planning milled round log buildings

Preparing log frames

Manufacturing solid wood garden furniture

Assembling log buildings and structures

Consultations about constructing and assembling log buildings

Manufacturing and assembling non-standard structures

Technical support and help from construction specialists

Individual approach for each project

Construction services before and after log building assembly

*Prices are decided after agreeing with our customers

Laying foundations


Pier foundation ≈ 50€/m², based on area of construction site.
Strip foundation ≈ 100€/m², based on area of construction site.
Raft foundation ≈ 150€/m², based on area of construction site.

Connecting electricity supply and plumbing

kanalizacijas ierikosanas darbi

Building stoves or furnaces, chimneys

Facade treatment or painting

Painting from 5 €/m2 and higher, based on wall size.

Landscaping and exterior design, territory development

Various services

We also offer other services related to the construction of pavements, paving and others.