Prices of prefabricated log buildings

Building type Frame Total area Floors Price
Cabin or sauna Log frame 80m2 1 €19,000.00
Sauna Log frame 12m2 1 €5,400.00
Sauna Log frame 14m2 1 €5,900.00
Sauna Log frame 16m2 1 €6,900.00
Sauna Log frame 18m2 1 €7,700.00
Sauna or garden shed Log frame 27m2 1 €8,900.00
Sauna or cabin Log frame 51m2 2 €12,500.00
Log sauna or cabin Log frame 68m2 2 €17,000.00

***The price for prefabricated log buildings includes: manufacturing a frame in the workshop using trees growing in Latvia, delivering the building materials to the location specified by the customer, assembling the log building, building a roof frame and its cover, constructing the floor, installing the windows, doors and sauna bench, connecting the sauna heater. As per the customer’s request, we can perform all necessary construction work, including construction and installation of plumbing and heating for the building, painting, fit-outs, etc. Our prices are the most affordable in Latvia for this type of log buildings. We carefully monitor each step of manufacturing, delivery and construction of the log buildings. We deliver the log buildings to our customers with utmost quality and certainty.


* Log house installation costs are included in the price only for objects in the territory of Latvia, within a radius of 120 km from the production facility – free of charge (further 1,00 EUR / km)
** The cost of installation of the log building outside the territory of Latvia is agreed with the Client.

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