Other accomplishments

Made and built log cabin in Aluksne (27 m2).

Built log house by individual project in Valmiera (103 m2).

Firewood storage shed next to a sauna built in Tūja

72 m2 log sauna with exterior terrace built in Alūksne

Built a log cabin/sauna with two floors and total area of 104 m2

Manufactured and constructed a 24 m2 large log sauna in Ķekava

Made of log cabin with a spacious outdoor terrace of 40m2

Manufactured and built log cabin in Valmiera (40,5m2).

Made and built log sauna in Tūja (51m2).

Designed a portable sauna for joyous Summer Solstice celebrations outside

Manufactured and constructed a sauna with an expanded exterior terrace for a tub and leisure area in Saaremaa, Estonia

Manufactured and constructed a 51 m2 large sauna in Saulkrasti

Manufactured and constructed a residential log cabin with total area of 140 m2 in Carnikava as per individual design

Made of log house in Valmiera with a total area of 24 m2.