Manufacturing log buildings at the IS workshop in Valmiermuiža

Our log building workshop currently has two production lines where milled round logs are prepared for each frame of a log building with high precision and quality, thus guaranteeing preparation of high quality construction materials for further construction.

All manufactured log structures are precisely marked according to the log building plan in order to ensure flawless assembly of wooden buildings at the construction site.

Each manufactured part and structure are carefully inspected before leaving the workshop.

All logs and building parts are carefully listed and packaged before being transported to guarantee safe delivery and avoid mistakes at the construction site.

Our workshop employs highly-trained experts with rich experience in the field of round log processing.

Solutions developed for constructing log buildings and the unique corner joint technology ensure protection against the cold, wind and humidity.

The performance of our workshop ensures a high output of log buildings which is an essential prerequisite for manufacturing all orders on time, and to be able to fully develop and work towards export markets.

The technologies used at the IS log building workshop can fulfil the plans of any architect.

Currently, our log buildings are being constructed all across Latvia, and we have begun several projects in Estonia. Over the next two years we are planning to begin exporting ready-to-order log buildings to Germany, France, Poland and Scandinavia.

*Log house installation costs are included in the price only for objects in the territory of Latvia.
**Outside the territory of Latvia, the cost of installation of the log building is agreed with the Client.

Our workshop