Rich experience in log building construction

The newly founded company began its operation in 20 January 2005 under a different name and with a different staff. The business was ran by two people who had decided to manufacture and assemble log houses and saunas. At this period the company had two employees doing their utmost and together shaping and improving the small company, through focus on manufacturing and production of log houses.

As time went on, the company built experience and began expansion. In 2012, the total number of employees had reached seven people, who were also manufacturing log houses at the workshop and assembling them at locations specified by the customers.

At the beginning of 2012, when both of the company’s managers could not agree upon the future course of the company, one the managers decided to split off in 22 March 2012 and founded a new limited liability company under the name of IS which, in lieu of its rich work experience, has successfully been continuing production and assembly of log buildings. During these years the company has gained great experience in manufacturing and assembling of log buildings Since then more than a hundred log houses and saunas have been constructed, and many individual customer building projects related to log building production and construction completed.

Products and services offered by IS:

  • Designing milled round-log buildings;
  • Manufacturing milled round timber frames;
  • Manufacturing solid wood garden made-to-order furniture;
  • Assembling log buildings and structures;
  • Individual approach to all projects and wishes of clients;
  • Consultations on the production and assembly process of log buildings;
  • Manufacturing and assembling non-standard structures;
  • Project performance from foundations to putting the object into operation;
  • Consultations from technical support specialists.